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Thomson Reuters is required by Article 28 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to disclose any further processors it engages where Thomson Reuters itself is acting as a data processor for a given service. The documents “Enterprise-Wide Processors” separately for the Finance & Risk business as well as Thomson Reuters generally (comprised of Reuters, Tax & Accounting, and Legal businesses), contain the lists of further processors used across multiple services where Thomson Reuters acts as processor. In addition, there may be services where further processors are engaged solely for a specific service. Such services and the processors specific to them are also listed below. Please note that other Thomson Reuters group entities may also be considered as further processors for services where Thomson Reuters acts as a processor.  For any general privacy or specific GDPR questions, please contact For other product GDPR information please click here.


TR Enterprise Wide Subs 9.30.18

Connected Risk Subs 3.9.18

Aranzadi Subs 12.6.18

Elite Subs 2.6.19